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The Benefits of Working With a Divorce Coach

You may have been considering separation or divorce for some time now. Or you may just be beginning to explore the idea of a life apart from your partner. Either way, entering into divorce proceedings is never an easy thing to undertake. While there are a lot of moving parts to consider when you’re going through a divorce, emotional health and wellbeing often gets put on the backburner. Rarely does anyone have a “pleasant” divorce, but it also doesn’t have to be as contentious and fraught as it’s often portrayed on TV or in movies, for instance. Your lawyer is in place to help iron out all the legally required elements of the divorce, but putting everything on them is both expensive and unnecessary. Working with a divorce coach in conjunction with your lawyer is a great way to more smoothly move through divorce proceedings and come out the other side in one sane piece. There are three main benefits you’ll get from working with a divorce coach.

1. Constant Support

There aren’t a lot of warm and fuzzy feelings involved in getting divorced. It’s emotionally draining and stressful, no matter how long it’s been coming or how you and your soon-to-be-former partner feel about each other. The dissolution of a marriage—especially when children are involved—is always a difficult situation to navigate. Working with a coach ensures that you have a constant source of emotional backup. You’ll be able to work through your feelings in a safe, supportive environment, no matter how ugly or hard they might be. Suppressing those feelings will only make the divorce harder, so having an empathetic sounding board and a cheerleader in the form of your coach can make a big difference in how you experience the process.

2. Help Saying Organized

In addition to emotional grounding, your coach will help you maintain a clear head and stay organized for all the million little things you’ll have to do to execute the divorce. Being a parent on its own provides more than enough pressure for most people. When you’re in an emotionally vulnerable place, it’s even more acute. Having someone to remind you about deadlines and help you keep all the balls in the air will make things that much easier. Whether it’s creating a schedule for your kids or making a list of documents you need to gather before your next meeting with your lawyer, your coach can help you stay on top of everything.

3. Simplifies the Process

The legal system moves at a snail’s pace—we all know this. And being dragged through months of court dates can be really hard on not just the divorcing couple, but more importantly their children. Working with a divorce coach simplifies the process because you’ll spend significantly less time going back and forth with your ex when you’ve got help from both an emotional and organizational standpoint. Frankly, lawyers love working with clients who have divorce coaches, because they tend to be more prepared for each step of the proceedings. This not only makes the process easier; it makes it move faster! And isn’t that what everyone really wants after all—to move forward to the next chapter of their lives? If you’re ready to take the difficult step towards divorce, you don’t have to walk that path alone. Reach out and let us put you in touch with a divorce coach to help you navigate this challenging life change with grace and efficiency.

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