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Co-Parenting Consultation

The Process

 After your Initial Assessment & Consultation, it may be determined that your co-parenting needs necessitate a bit more education first. But if you have a solid base on that front, you may move on to coaching or consultation. Many times, coaching is too time-intensive for the co-parent(s) or may be out of financial reach.


Our Co-Parenting Consultation service provides you that same chance to get advice and guidance from a professional without as much commitment. It’s not as hands-on as coaching, but it’s still personalized for you and provides direct support. Our aim will be to address a specific problem and work towards a specific solution. We’ll do this through guidance and advice as well as skills training. 


Our Co-Parenting Education service is very curriculum-focused and our Co-Parenting Coaching service is more regimented. With Co-Parenting Consultation, we’re able to work more flexibly with you in regards to what works best for you both communication-wise and cost-wise. There are set hourly rates, but we can also work with you to build a package. 


Why It’s Beneficial

Co-Parenting Consultation provides you with the insight of an impartial third party to resolve issues. It keeps you from having to use lawyers and courts to solve those problems. You’ll be getting advice from a qualified professional at a fraction of the cost. We all encounter obstacles that we think we can handle but find ourselves in over our heads. This service is a great way to address those roadblocks quickly and efficiently without letting them take over your life. 

Who You’ll Be Working With


Nikki provides this service and she has an extensive background in Marriage and Family Therapy and enjoys working closely with our clients through the many coaching services she provides.

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