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Initial Assessment and Consultation

Following completion of the intake questionnaire, if the individual or couple is interested in co-parenting education, consultation or coaching services, having an initial Assessment and Consultation is the first step. Also, If the individual or couple is unsure of which services would be most beneficial, an Initial Assessment and Consultation is recommended. During the Initial Consult, an intake specialist will obtain a family history to identify current problems. Once a better picture of the family and it’s concerns are assessed, the intake specialist gives the individual or couple service recommendations to begin collaboratively working on a personalized strategic plan to address the concerns listed.

$100/ person or $150/ couple (90 mins)

Co-Parenting Education

With co-parenting education, our co-parenting educators have created an educational curriculum outlining the most relevant co-parenting issues that co-parents find to be a struggle.
Co-parenting education is suited for one or both co-parents, step-parents, grandparents or any other individual that directly (or even indirectly) influence decisions about the children. Our co-parenting education classes comply with the Louisiana State Guidelines for co-parenting education and fulfills the courts’ criteria to attend mandatory court-ordered co-parenting classes. 

$60/hour per individual or $100/hour per couple following Initial Assessment & Consultation

Parenting Education 

In Parenting Education, our parent educator helps parents improve parental competency by reviewing essential parenting skills. The curriculum focuses on positive discipline, improved parent-child interactions, and the incorporation of self-care techniques for balance. Through learning positive parenting practices, parents will strengthen their connection with their children and any parenting partner.

$60/hour per individual or $100/hour per couple following Initial Assessment & Consultation

Court-Appointed Parent Coordination

Parent coordination is a child-focused dispute resolution process in which high-conflict parents are given assistance from a mental health professional with mediation training to implement their parenting plan. The court appoints the Parent Coordinator, monitors compliance of the parenting plan and makes decisions regarding conflict resolution that both parties must accept as binding, until these can be reviewed by the court. 

$325/hour + $100 Administrative Fee

Supervised Visitation

Supervised visitation services are designed to help parents in high-conflict or high-risk situations have access to their children in a safe, supervised environment. Generally, the visits take place in our office in the presence of a behavioral health professional or in a location that allows for normal interaction and play.

$70/hour + $30 travel if applicable

$100 per co-parent for initial set-up and orientation meeting

Therapeutic Supervised Visitation

Therapeutic supervised visitation services are designed to provide specialized interventions and support to children and their high-conflict or high-risk parents from skilled, licensed clinicians so that the parent-child relationship can safely continue and be strengthened. 


$100/per co-parent for initial set-up and orientation meeting
$150/hour + $30 travel if applicable

Supervised Child Exchange

When there are restrictions placed on the contact between co-parents or if co-parents have a highly conflictual relationship and prefer limited contact, Family Mediation & Divorce Center provides a neutral place for the safe transfer of children.  

​$40 per exchange + $50 initial setup fee

Family Reunification Therapy

Family Reunification Therapy is a complex, therapeutic process that comes into play in high conflict divorce cases, where one parent is not seeing the child.  The purpose and goals of Family Reunification therapy vary, but RT is designed to provide a safe place, under the supervision of a licensed professional, where the damaged relationship between child and noncustodial parent can begin the process of repair. To begin this therapeutic intervention, the first step is to go to mediation and work out an agreement with the custodial parent and request Family Reunification therapy in order to make contact with the child. 

$200/hour + $100 Administrative Fee

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