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Co-Parenting Education

The Process

You’ll begin with an 90-minute Initial Assessment & Consultation to identify problems and goals. We’ll discuss any help you’ve gotten so far, detail your personal strengths and weaknesses, and talk about what kind of support system you have in place currently. 

From here, we’ll progress to 4 to 5 learning sessions (1-hour each week) in which we’ll help you shift your mindset to focus on the needs of your child(ren). We have developed a robust curriculum backed by evidence-based research. You’ll keep a folder with all your work and we’ll do regular exercises incorporating real examples from your life to help you internalize the information.


Through this work, we’ll uncover what sort of co-parenting relationship you currently have, what kind you want to have, any issues that are arising, how your child is coping with the situation, and how to avoid putting them in the middle of conflicts. The work is personalized to you and your family, and our goal is to help you separate the baggage from a formerly intimate relationship to reach a place of cooperative co-existence with the best interests of your child(ren) being the top priority. 


Why It’s Beneficial

Many co-parenting educational programs consist of just a single class. They may also offer a one-size-fits-all approach. But no one’s situation is the same. Our Co-Parenting Education service allows you to work closely with an experienced professional to build a knowledge base that best serves the needs of your unique family. 


From here, you can take what you’ve learned and apply it on your own, or you can move further into consultation or coaching if you feel you need more hands-on support to implement your plans. We can help tailor a package that works best for you. 


Additionally, if you have an order from the court to attend co-parenting classes, this service will satisfy those requirements. 

Who You’ll Be Working With


Nikki provides this service. She is a Marriage and Family Therapy expert with a strong belief that the whole is so much more than the sum of its parts. She loves working with families because it allows her to identify systemic issues and help every member of the family come out better on the other side. She recognizes the amount of control parents have over the lives of their children, and how much better the world can be if we ensure that those kids are fully functioning, happy, and healthy. Co-Parenting Education is a great first step towards healing those family wounds and moving forward together into a happier future. 

Further Reading 

  • Strategies for Successful Co-Parenting
    A thorough breakdown of the process of co-parenting and the co-parent relationship scale. Also includes the benefits of a positive co-parenting relationship as well as the dangers of not putting in the work to build that positive relationship. 

  • Co-Parenting Fact Sheet
    A quick reference sheet to familiarize yourself with co-parenting before you begin working to further educate yourself. 

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