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Education, Coaching, and Consultation

Initial Assessment and Consultation

Once you’ve filled out your intake application, this is the next step before receiving any of our coaching or consulting services—whether as an individual or a couple. This is also helpful if you’re unsure of which of our about your family history and help you identify and prioritize the most pressing issues. After forming a complete picture of your family dynamic, the specialist will provide you with tailored service recommendations so you may begin collaborating on a strategy to tackle the issues at hand.

$100/ person or $150/ couple (90 mins)

Co-Parenting Education

For this service, our experienced educators follow a curriculum that highlights the most common issues co-parents struggle with. This education is incredibly useful to not just co-parents, but also step-parents, grandparents, and any other individual that directly or indirectly makes decisions regarding the children.


These classes also comply with the Louisiana State Guidelines for co-parenting education and will fulfill the court’s criteria for mandatory court-ordered co-parenting classes. 

$60/hour per individual or $100/hour per couple following Initial Assessment & Consultation

Co-Parenting Consultation

Beyond the initial consultation and assessment, if it is determined that co-parenting consultation is needed, this service will pair you with a consultant who can evaluate the needs of the co-parent(s) and assist in devising a plan to resolve the major issues causing friction. This is done through both advising and skills training designed to help you reach an agreed-upon goal. If you need more hands-on help to implement the consultant’s plan, you’ll move on to co-parenting coaching (see below). 

$175/hour per individual or couple following Initial Assessment & Consultation

Co-Parenting Coaching

In this more in-depth service, your coach will help you gain the skills necessary to tackle your obstacles while navigating the constantly changing waters of co-parenting. The ultimate goal is to foster a pattern of effective interaction between co-parents and their children. Your coach will work hand-in-hand with you to keep you accountable and help you achieve your personal co-parenting goals. 

$175/hour per individual or couple following Initial Assessment & Consultation

Parenting Education

In Parenting Education, our parent educator helps parents improve parental competency by reviewing essential parenting skills. The curriculum focuses on positive discipline, improved parent-child interactions, and the incorporation of self-care techniques for balance. Through learning positive parenting practices, parents will strengthen their connection with their children and any parenting partner.

$60/hour per individual or $100/hour per couple following Initial Assessment & Consultation

 Adjustment Coaching

Have you recently experienced a stressful life event and find yourself having difficulty adjusting? At some point in our life, we all go through a hard transition, which may cause stress, sadness or feelings of despair. If you’ve recently ended a relationship or lost a loved one, suffered an injury, are experiencing an “empty nest”, are living on your own for the first time or just relocated, changed careers or lost your job, were told some distressing news or even purposefully chose a new life path, all of these life experiences, and many others, may have you feeling as if you could use some extra support. If so, an adjustment coach may be the perfect solution. By working together, adjustment coaches help guide you through this unknown territory to get clarity on what you’re struggling with, gain insight into how best to meet your needs and assess your unique strengths, which will enable you to feel more self-assured and gain a stronger footing. Our coaches also teach healthy coping skills, self-care strategies, and ways to create purposeful intentions to overcome obstacles and any unhealthy patterns to achieve more balance and harmony. Throughout the coaching process, our coaches work with you to discover your values and priorities to keep you motivated, hold you accountable and build your resilience to help you overcome these challenges. 


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