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Family Reunification Therapy

The Process

We’ll begin with our Comprehensive Assessment, where we’ll determine the issues that we need to tackle in therapy. Family Reintegration Therapy is ideal for when a family has been fractured in a way that can’t easily be repaired.

One parent is likely to be estranged or alienated from the children. In order for this therapy to achieve its goals, both parents must be committed to the process and making it work. You may be directed here upon the recommendation of another professional, such as a child custody evaluator, or the co-parents may decide on their own that something has to change. 


In these cases, there is an extraordinary amount of hurt everyone needs to move past. We will work with each parent individually, as well as with the child(ren) and the parents to guide everyone through reunification. This service may be court-ordered, but parents may also choose to pursue it on their own. 



Why It’s Beneficial

 No one wants to live a fractured life. And no one wants that for their child(ren) either. Having a solid relationship with both parents is an indicator of the ability to maintain healthy relationships throughout life. If you have a child or children dealing with separation from a parent, this service can provide the opportunity to heal the broken bonds of estrangement. 

Who You’ll Be Working With


Our Clinical Director, Tim Kemery, LCSW,  provides this service. He has decades of experience as a counselor, mediator and coach and is a highly respected divorce professional. His approach balances an empathetic therapy with practical tools to get yourself back on track. 

Further Reading 

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