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Court Appointed Parent Coordination

The Process

When you reach a roadblock as co-parents and simply cannot make decisions together, the court may order you to work with a parent coordinator. This coordinator acts as an extension of the court. While they will provide mediating services to help you assess the situation and learn appropriate co-parenting skills, they also have the authority to dictate final decisions if the co-parents cannot come to an agreement. 


You will sign a contract that commits you to not only working your hardest to reach an agreement with your co-parent, but that also prioritizes the mental health and welfare of your child(ren). This process is inherently child-focused and the ultimate goal is to protect the child(ren) from harm resulting from the co-parents’ inability to work together. 


The coordinator will often suggest additional education and support services to help the co-parents through this process. The goal of this work is to bring the co-parents to a place of fair compromise and teach them how to model healthy relationship skills to their child(ren).


Why It’s Beneficial

The most obvious benefit of this service is that it meets the requirements for what the court is mandating of you. But further, it helps you move forward and learn to conduct yourself in a way that will ultimately benefit your child(ren), your relationship with them, and your relationship with your co-parent. 

Who You’ll Be Working With


Tim Kemery, LCSW provides this service. The court will assign your coordinator to you, but Tim  may work in conjunction with our other staff to facilitate the best outcomes for your family. Tim has extensive mediation and parent coordination experience and is adept at navigating complex emotional situations from both a therapeutic and functional perspective. 

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