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Supervised Child Exchange

The Process

In a Supervised Child Exchange, we provide a safe place for co-parents to exchange their child(ren) without the potential for encountering each other. Often, this service is court-ordered for families who have an established supervised visitation plan. But you can also take advantage of their service if you’re simply having extreme difficulty coordinating child exchange with your co-parent without the situation becoming hostile.


We will arrange with both parents to meet at a neutral location and the supervisor will escort the child(ren) safely from one parent to the other. There is no need for the parents to have any contact or communication with each other during this exchange. 


Why It’s Beneficial

If the court has ordered you to have a supervisor present at exchanges, obviously this meets those requirements. But if you simply cannot be in the same room with your co-parent, this service also provides you the chance to make that exchange cleanly and without added difficulty for your child(ren). It can be extraordinarily traumatic for a child to be placed in the middle of intense parental fighting, and the ramifications will be seen in their behavior and their connection to their parents. This service centers the needs of your child(ren) when you’re just not able to get along with their other parent. 


Who You’ll Be Working With 

Our professional, experienced visitation supervisors provide Supervised Child Exchanges. We have experience helping parents in high-conflict situations navigate caring for their child(ren) and our first priority is and will always be the comfort and safety of the child(ren). 

Further Reading 

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