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Supervised Visitation

The Process

Typically, when Supervised Visitation is a part of your co-parenting agreement, there has been a situation in the past that necessitated the court questioning the safety of the child when they were with the non-custodial parent. In order to repair that damage, the judge may order that all visitation be supervised by a professional. 

In this case, the parent with primary custody will drop the child(ren) off with the supervisor, who will then be present with the non-custodial parent as they spend time with their child(ren). The supervisor will observe all interactions to ensure the safety of the child. A report will be written and submitted as required to the court detailing the visitation. 

These visitations often take place at restaurants, parks, zoos etc. (Please note: due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our location options for Supervised Visitation have been impacted. We comply with all local regulations regarding masks and social distancing to ensure the safety of our staff, our clients, and their children). 


Why It’s Beneficial

The most obvious benefit is that you’re complying with the court’s order, which is the only way you’ll be able to see your child. Additionally, having regular visitation is the best way to re-establish your bond and repair the damage done by your past behavior. A child should have a healthy, thriving relationship with both parents whenever possible. Supervised Visitation can help put you on the road to regaining that. 


Who You’ll Be Working With 

Our vetted and professionally trained supervisors have been supervising visitations over the past several years.  You can trust that your child(ren) will be safe and properly looked over during their visitation time. 


Further Reading 

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Some crucial tips for how to approach the supervised visitation process in a way that reduces stress on you and your child(ren) and sets you up for a successful interaction.  

A very helpful guide to prioritizing your child(ren) and their needs during the visitation process. 

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