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Conflict Coaching

The Process

 Before beginning Conflict Coaching, we’ll set you up with our 90-minute Initial Assessment & Consultation. The goal of that assessment will be to identify the core problems at play in your situation. From there, we’ll identify a specific goal to work towards. 


The approach of Conflict Coaching is as much educational as it is practical. We’ll do some didactic learning about communication and conflict resolution skills before helping you learn how to put those into motion in your own life. We’ll go over how to master things like active listening, reflective responses, calm speaking etc. The goal is to remove the impulsive, reactive, emotional response that so often comes to the front in conflict situations and replace it with a more measured approach. 


Conflict Coaching is unique in that your coach is your personal champion. They’ll let you vent and remain non-judgemental. They’ll work one-on-one with you to process the roadblocks you’re facing without pathologizing things. This is not therapy, where you’ll spend your time looking back through your history. It’s an action-oriented service that focuses on your present struggles and your future goal. 


Why It’s Beneficial

 Beyond just helping you resolve one specific conflict, this type of coaching equips you with coping and emotional regulation skills that will help you address any conflict in your life in a more productive manner. 


The work is very internal and can completely change the way you relate to the world around you. You’ll learn to talk TO others, rather than AT others. You’ll come away with the tools you need to actually reach solutions rather than engaging in never-ending battles. It will provide you with a sense of clarity and insight into your own thought processes that can help you deconstruct the dysfunction and move forward in a healthy manner. 

Who You’ll Be Working With


Tim Kemery, LCSW provides this service. As the Clinical Director of FMDC, Tim spearheads and coordinates the majority of our services and has decades of experience in both therapeutic and coaching settings. He is a licensed mediator and a well-respected professional in his fields. 

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