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Discernment Counseling

The Process

Discernment Counseling really functions more like an assessment. It’s typically more brief than our other counseling services (5 sessions is the average) and is geared specifically towards “mixed agenda” couples—aka couples in which one person wants in and the other wants out. 


The goal of this service is to get the couple on the same page, regardless of what that looks like in the end. Its approach is knowledge and education-based. We’ll look at what steps you’ve already taken, what the different scenarios would look like, what you’re each leaning towards and why etc. At the end of this path, the goal is that you both be in agreement to either work on your relationship or formally separate. 



Why It’s Beneficial

 For couples that can’t agree on what they want for their future, Discernment Counseling is far more helpful than Couples Counseling. The work you’ll do with your counselor in these sessions will really help you suss out whether you’re committed to making the relationship work or not. 

Who You’ll Be Working With


 Tim Kemery, LCSW & Shawnta Gardener, LPC both provide this service. They each have extensive experience in assessment and interpersonal relationship counseling. 

Further Reading 

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