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Comprehensive Assessment

The Process

 This assessment is the launching point for all of our therapy services. You’ll choose up front which therapy service you’re interested in. Then during our time together for this first meeting, we will discuss patient history, both as it relates to physical and mental health. We’ll look at any official diagnosis, your history of treatment, any medications you’ve taken, as well as any incidents (suicidal ideations or attempts, voluntary or involuntary commitments, etc.) 


If your therapy is court-ordered, a written assessment will be provided to you to present to the court (there is an additional $50 fee for this). 



Why It’s Beneficial

We require an assessment for all of our therapy services because it helps us establish a baseline. There is no need for us to retread paths you’ve already explored. We want to make sure the work we’re doing with you is going to provide maximum return. To do so, we may also reach out to past therapists to either get history or establish an ongoing dialogue. This will never be done without your consent, as confidentiality and trust are paramount in a therapeutic relationship. Often, therapy is utilized to help us battle lifelong issues, so we want to make sure we’re well informed about where you’ve been and the work you’ve already done before we start our work together. 

Who You’ll Be Working With


Tim Kemery, Rob Salus, Glenn Tregre and Shawnta Gardener, all licensed professionals, provide this service. They are each licensed to provide therapy services and have extensive experience working with patients of all types. They approach these assessments with an empathetic and active-listening approach, as the goal is to fully understand your current and past issues so that they can best situate you for success in your therapy. 

Further Reading 

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