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Couples Therapy

Couples Counseling

The Process

As with all of our counseling and therapy services, attending a Comprehensive Assessment is step one to receiving this service. This type of counseling is geared towards couples that want to learn how to resolve their issues. It is meant for couples that are on the same page about wanting to salvage their relationship. For couples with mixed agendas, we recommend Discernment Counseling. 
In Couples Counseling, you will work on learning healthy communication and conflict resolution skills. Everyone has a unique way of learning, and our counselors are sensitive to that. Some of us don’t know how to fight. Some of us are prone to a “kitchen sink” approach to conflict, and struggle to prioritize and address issues effectively. Others can’t stop self-sabotaging. 
Regardless of the issues at play, your counselor will help you focus on the most important work for your individual situation. There will be some discussion of past issues and patterns, but we aim to avoid too much throwing the past in each other’s faces. We will focus primarily on your present issues and your hopes for the future. It is based in recognition of your struggles, encouragement to overcome them, and praise when you hit the mark. 



Why It’s Beneficial

As much as people may say love and marriage are “natural” things, we all know better. Relationships are hard work! Learning how to stand firmly on your own while you stand alongside your partner is key. 
Couples counseling not only helps resolve current issues in your relationship; it equips you with a tool kit for every kind of relationship you’ll have for the rest of your life. Many of us unfortunately have not learned the kind of skills we need to be successful in interpersonal relationships, but it’s never too late to make a fresh start.

Who You’ll Be Working With


Tim, Rob, Glenn, Candy & Shawnta all provide this service. They are each licensed to provide therapy services and have extensive experience working with patients of all types. They work with each couple in a personalized manner with the goal of setting you up for a more functional future in which you’re prepared to face whatever comes your way. 

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