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Family / Divorce Mediation

The Process

Mediation is an incredibly useful tool when you’ve reached a place of complete inability to communicate with your former partner in separation or divorce proceedings. Having an impartial third party to coordinate conversations can help you work past those roadblocks in an effective, healthy manner.


You’ll undergo a consultation process before beginning mediation, which will help to identify the core problems. Depending on your issues and the level of communication you’re able to have, e-mediation is definitely an option. However, if one or both parties is struggling to get a word in during virtual sessions, we will arrange for in-person sessions. 


Why It’s Beneficial

You can only do the same thing a certain number of times before going insane. Having the help of someone who handles mediation professionally can help you break those fruitless cycles of fighting and reaching no agreement. 

As our mediators have a strong therapeutic background, we understand human motivation, and we bring to the table an extensive tool kit of communication and conflict resolution skills. This means that not only will you solve the problem at hand, but hopefully you’ll be able to move forward with the knowledge and skill set to prevent further clashes in the future. 


Who You’ll Be Working With 

Tim Kemery, LCSW provides this service and he has extensive mediation background and has helped many former couples come to a place of better understanding with one another. He will help you assess the situation realistically, move past it, and develop tools to prevent issues down the road. 


Further Reading

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